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Below is a list of commonly asked questions that may assist you in your business with us. Should you wish to find out any further information please do not hesitate to contact us.

General Questions

I can't find what I'm after, does that mean you don't stock the item?

Not necessarily, there are a few things to try to help you try and locate what you are after.

  1. Use the search bar located at the top of the page, this will return all the results that have the keyword you specify in the description.
  2. We have tried to make the website as easy as possible to navigate, by grouping items in themes and events we hope that this will make locating the item as easy as possible.
  3. If you still cannot find the item you are looking for, feel free to contact us here

Do you sell wholesale?

No, currently we do not offer this option.

How long will my helium balloon float for?

Please note that the following information is intended as a guide only.

Helium balloons are susceptible to their environment and can react poorly in extreme environments. Helium expands in the heat, which could result in them popping. Conversely, they will contract in the cold, although this may affect the look of the balloon it can be rectified quite easily by increasing the temperature slightly.

We have a variety of balloon types available including latex, foils, supershapes and bubbles. The actual float time of all these balloons can be affected by a number of factors:

  • Are the balloons outside in direct sunlight, wind, rain, etc?
  • Balloon manufacturer: quality.
  • Weight of attachments


Approximate float times:

10” Latex balloons 8-10 hours
10” latex treated with hifloat 2-3 days
12” latex 12 hours
18” foil Round 3-5 days
Supershapes Can stay afloat for weeks, but may become saggy
Bubbles 2 to 4 weeks

Can i get my balloon helium filled at your store?

Yes, we will gladly fill a balloon that you purchased elsewhere with helium at our store. However, as we cannot know the quality of the balloon we are unable to guarantee the end result.

Please refer to our helium pricelist for more information.

How do I know if something is in stock?

We have real-time stock counts displayed on the product page of all our products. If a product is out of stock and icon will display conveying as such.

How do I receive promotional offer emails?

At the bottom of every page is a newsletter signup box, simply enter your email address to stay up to date with the latest happenings at Beloons!

Shipping & Delivery Questions

How long does delivery take?

If located in NSW regular post will take approximately 4-9 business days.

If located in Queensland regular post will take approximately 4-9 business days.

If located in Victoria regular post will take approximately 4-9 business days.

If located in Northern Territory regular post will take approximately 5-10 business days.

If located in South Australia regular post will take approximately 3-6 business days.

If located in Western Australia regular post will take approximately 1-5 business days.

If located in Tasmania regular post will take approximately 6-10 business days.

How much does shipping cost?

We charge a flat rate of $10.00 no matter how much you purchase or where you live in Australia. (Excludes helium-filled balloons)

Do you ship internationally?

No, we currently only supply to addresses within Australia.

What Happens If I Am Not Home When My Parcel Is Delivered?

If your parcel should arrive at its destination and there is no one to collect it then it will generally be returned to the Post Office to await collection. In this instance, you will usually be left a parcel pick up card which will require you to pick up the package from your local Post Office.

What happens if my parcel is lost?

It is rare that a courier or Australia Post would lose a parcel, as we use third party companies to deliver our goods we cannot accept responsibility for a lost parcel, however, please contact us as soon as possible should this occur so we can assist you further.

Refund Questions

When will i receive my refund?

Once we have received your returned order, we will process the refund within 1-3 business days. Please allow 3-5 days for the refund to show up in your bank account.

View our Returns Policy

Foil Balloons

What are foil balloons?

Foil balloons are generally shiny in appearance and are often printed in a variety of colours. They are not porous like latex balloons and therefore hold inflation for much longer provided that they are sealed correctly. As they are made from synthetic materials they are also not biodegradable.

How long will a foil balloon float when inflated with helium?

Float times of foil balloons can vary between sizes and shape but the most common foil size is the 18 inch round balloon, which can stay looking fresh for around 3-5 days.

What is a foil balloon made of?

Foil Balloons are made of a  thin, continuous film of metal over nylon.

Are foil and mylar balloons the same?

Yes, these are just different terms used to describe the same type of balloon.

Latex Balloons

Are Latex balloons biodegradable?

Yes, the balloons we use are high quality and are made from natural substances. They will break down naturally in the environment at approximately the same speed as an oak leaf.

Why do helium filled latex balloons deflate quicker than air filled latex balloons?

Helium molecules are a lot smaller than air molecules and as such, they escape through the latex material much quicker than air.

How can i make my helium balloons float longer?

We offer a service as part of our helium inflation to include a product in your balloons which increases the float time of latex for up 25 times longer! To find out more please contact us or visit us in store.