Please find below our current helium inflation prices, if you require bulk pricing please contact us for further information.


Inflation Pricing (Excluding Balloons)

Latex Helium Inflation (per balloon) Regular
28cm Latex $0.90
12 & 15cm Latex $0.50
Quicklinks Latex $1.16
40cm Latex $2.43
75 or 90cm Latex $13.09
Optional Hi-Float – additional fee on latex balloon prices $0.50


Foil Helium Inflation (per balloon) Regular
45cm Foil $1.00
Supershapes 29inch (74cm) or under / Foil Numbers 34inch (86cm) or under $5.00
Airwalker Buddies $5.00
Bubble Balloons, Cubez, Orbz & Diamonds $6.50
Sing-a-tunes $11.50
Supershapes 30inch (76cm) or above $11.50
Foil Balloon Bouquet 5 Pack $11.50
Airwalker $16.50

Didn’t purchase your balloons from Beloons?

Unfortunately, we can’t inflate balloons that were purchased from other stores as we can’t guarantee their quality. There are a lot of substandard balloons on the market that simply don’t offer the same structural integrity as the brands we offer.